Radar Survey


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey, which can able to detect non-metallic as well as metallic pipes. It will also give an indication of the location and depth of buried services & also to locate upto certain extent the roots of the trees, locate voids, as well as thickness of concrete slabs and asphalt.


The benefits of using Ground Penetrating Radar:



Survey Effectiveness:

The material surrounding, and particularly above buried services can affect whether the service can be resolved by GPR. Reinforced concrete, buried metallic objects, the presence of moisture or clay and changes in the material construction can lead to poor data resolution.

Depth results using GPR are typically accurate to within +/- 10% with a horizontal accuracy of +/- 150mm. The effectiveness of GPR is reduced on slopes of greater than 1:3 and in woodland areas where the signal is denigrated by tree roots. It is imperative that the area to be surveyed is reasonably level as it is not possible to scan deep vehicle ruts etc.