Localized Structural Repairs in Pipelines
by Trenchless Technology.



Local defects may be found in an otherwise sound pipeline, due to cracking or joint failure. Systems are available for remote control resin injection to seal localised defects in the range 100mm - 600mm diameter.
Repair is the rectification of local damage to the fabric of the pipeline or their joints.

Definition-Local Repair
This is repair work that is carried out on a section of pipe to an extent less than the run between two adjacent access points.

Definition-Patch repair/ Local lining
A short length (1-3m) of fabric impregnated with resin is positioned over the defective section of the pipeline, to repair holes or fractured sections. These linings are made from the same types of materials as cured-in-place linings, typically glass/carbon fibre or polyester felt, impregnated with either an epoxy or polyester resin.