What is Pipe Audit?


Pipe Audit for Life Audit

What is Pipe? Pipe is a type of carrier, which carries different kinds of fluids. The pipe can be manufactured by using materials like, RCC, PVC, HDPE, MDPE, Steel, GI, CI etc.

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What it contains? Pipe contains various types of fluids in different forms, like Water, Waste Water, Gas, Oil, Steam etc.

What are the effects of Fluid or Gas? As earlier said, when different kinds of fluid is passing through pipe, has different characteristics with parameters like, physical, chemical, metallurgical etc. The effects of fluid passing through these pipes are different, due to viscosity, weight of particles, chemical composition etc., due to which the co-efficient of friction is varied.

What are the after effects? When the fluid is passing through the pipe, it will lose speed, which leads to deposition of solid particles. Due to varied chemical composition, the Gases, which are generated will affect the surface of the pipe from inside, due to which, it may start corroding, spalling, peeling, cracks etc., which reduces the life of pipe.

Prevention of after effects: To prevent the after effects, it is utmost important to maintain the pipe line along with cleaning, coating, lining etc., which ultimately increase the life of pipe.

Piping Network: The network depends upon the size of the plant, production, quantum of fluid passing through the pipe etc. There is no lower & upper limit for making piping network. Normally, the chemical plants has complex network, which contains many bends, turns, sudden drops etc. Different the fluid passing through pipe, the network will be different.

Discharge Point: In many cases, the underground pipeline network depends on the invert level, which are controlled by mean sea level, hence the point of discharge of fluid is very important.

Maintenance: After referring to the above points, the plant needs maintenance periodically, including its piping network, otherwise the cost of maintenance will become high & may create disruption in the plant. Hence, preventive maintenance is better.

Inspection:The piping networks are of 2 types. It may be under ground or it may be over ground. However, in both cases one cannot able to see the internal condition of pipes. Therefore, it is important to inspect & make regular assessment by using Robotic CCTV Camera, which is the ultimate need of this hours.