Leak Detection, Prevention
and Water Audit


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Even small leaks − in the wrong places − cause downtime, disruption, and costly damage. And the aftermath ties up resources in clean-up E and repair. Why suffer these costs when reliable, distributed leak detection is available? The technology lets you detect leaks at their source and even pinpoint their location to stop damage before it starts.

Thousands of facilities throughout the world rely on the leak detection systems to protect data and telecommunications centers, commercial buildings, water mains & other such civil constructions of all kinds.



A Leak detection locating system detects the leak at its source, signals the alarm, and displays the exact location of the leak. By referring to a map of the system layout to quickly find the leak source.

With the point sensing approach to leak detection, liquid must reach the location of a probe to trigger an alarm. Depending on the circumstances, a leak may grow or spread considerably before it reaches an individual probe. With distributed sensing, liquid is detected if it makes contact anywhere along the length of sensing cable that monitors an entire area. Routing the cable near likely sources of leaks and spills ensures early detection. A locating module even displays the distance to the leak, enabling quick and effective response.