Knowledge of Piping Technology


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Piping Engineer requires not only wide engineering knowledge – not necessarily in depth, but certainly in understanding – but must also have an understanding of engineering economics and costs of metallurgy, of methods of pipe fabrication and erection etc. & must have knowledge of industrial piping system in addition to have sufficient knowledge of mechanical, electrical, civil and instrument engineering so as to discuss requirements and problems with specialists in these fields. This will be more clear with the data piping department requires from other disciplines. It is imperative in the field of communication, team work, application of new methods with the awareness of standards, codes and practices.

Piping in operation is always in movement and subjected to pressure and forces with consequent reactions on mechanisms such as pumps, compressors and equipment in general and on structures and related piping.

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Piping Within the Project Plan

Piping is an important element of every stage of project design, purchasing and construction. It is intimately linked to the other project work on equipment, electrical, instrument and civil engineering. Work on piping is proceeding at every stage of the project, partly because of the sheer volume of design and erection work, but mainly because of the need to relate other project activities to the piping.