GRP Rehabilitation


The process of GRP Rehabilitation includes Designing of pipes, Manufacturing of liners, after taking the measurements, the Installation of Liners at site with Annular Space Grouting completes the process of GRP Rehabilitation.



After installation of the Liner, both ends are sealed at the manholes with a special, modified sealing cement (fast setting). Since the new Liner is fixed completely in the host pipe with wedges, the pipe does not have to be filled with water before grouting to be stable. At both ends, hoses are connected through the sealing into the annular space.

At Downstream side, a hose for injection is installed in the crown of the pipe. At Upstream side, a hose for ventilation is installed likewise in order to allow air to escape. The grouting of the whole section is carried out in one single working process. Specially designed mixing equipment ensures that there is enough grout available during the whole process. The material is prepared in dry bags and mixed with cooled water on site. Curing of the grout material is tested for Quality Control.