E-Auditing of Piping Network


Preliminary Investigation: Thorough Preliminary Investigation indicates the status of existing piping network.

Cleaning: After Preliminary Investigation, the Cleaning of pipes to be carried out in order to make an internal visual inspection. Cleaning is conducted either mechanically or by using high pressure cleaning equipment.

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CCTV Inspection: Having cleaned the pipe, a CCTV Inspection is conducted, using Computer controlled Robotic Camera. All data and characteristics are identified and taped as documentation.

Reporting: With the help of CCTV Reports, the assessment of pipes to be carried out to reveal the condition of the pipe and assess the damages, if any with the help of using Software internationally accepted.

Assessment Report: Finally, all the Reports of piping network of any plant, gravity pipes, pressure pipes etc. will be assessed together. The data like, pressure, volume, discharge, size, depth, height, length and other such parameters will be measured with the suitable equipments and finally prepare the Audit Report.