CCTV Survey

GETPL has developed its own quality CCTV surveying systems. Onsite has developed its own quality CCTV surveying systems, based around low light high resolution colour cameras and continues to develop equipment for use worldwide.



The piping networks are of 2 types : It may be under ground or it may be over ground. However, in both cases one cannot able to see the internal condition of pipes. Therefore, it is important to inspect & make regular assessment by using Robotic CCTV Camera, which is the ultimate need of this hours.

Internal Inspection of Pipelines by CCTV Survey Sizes ranging from 100 mm dia up to 2700 mm dia. Surveys by fully remotely controlled axial viewing or pan and tilt cameras. They are carried out in all types of pipelines and other enclosed ancillaries / structures e.g. boreholes , shafts, piles, oil-lines, bridge columns etc. Surcharged systems can be surveyed can be surveyed using the latest sonar techniques eliminating the need for costly over pumping. All reports generated to international sewer coding standards or tailored to suit client’s needs.